Koalas, Kangaroos, and Peacocks… Oh My

My day tour to Phillip Island is jam-packed with so many highlights I’ve split it into three posts: Brighton Beach bathing boxes and other memorable moments, Australian wildlife (detailed below), and tomorrow’s culmination post — the Penguin Parade.

Our visit to Maru Koala & Animal Park marks my very first time seeing Australia’s emblematic creatures: kangaroos and koalas, among other animals.


In fact the first creature I spy is a Tasmanian Devil. Mind your fingers.



These are wallabies, which are like kangaroos with shorter arms.




For a dollar or two you can purchase food for the animals. It’s the perfect way to lure them into a photo op.


And here is a sleepy koala. These little guys sleep for around 20 hours a day. They’re also picky eaters — while there are dozens of types of eucalyptus trees, they only eat a handful of varieties and would rather starve than eat the wrong kind.




In the photo below right I catch this koala in a rare waking moment. Apparently this variety of eucalyptus will suffice.


This particular animal park is quite small (which I suppose is why it’s not called a zoo), but what they lack is size and variety they make up for in proximity — the animals roam freely and interact with visitors, like this peacock below.


Check out those feathers… I don’t think I’ve seen something this specularly colored in person before.





Hey llama!




Dingos may look like friendly canine pets but they act more like wild wolves. The “A dingo ate my baby!” story is evidence.


Hey there little birdie, turn towards me!


No..? Okay. Apparently I’m not the bird whisperer. I move around to photograph him against the sun and then drastically reduce the shadows in Lightroom.


As we exit the park, we encounter kangaroos begging for attention (and food).

Bring on the ‘roos!




When in Rome…



The little white guy is an albino kangaroo.




These kangaroos are fairly tall (and intimidating) when they stand up on their back legs.


I’ve seen many ‘roos and koalas since this day, but the Maru Animal Park is still an impressive place to encounter Australian wildlife.

Thanks to Wildlife Tours Australia for sponsoring my visit. Opinions are my own.

4 thoughts on “Koalas, Kangaroos, and Peacocks… Oh My

  1. They are sooooo cute!
    I bet that Albino Kangaroo has to be careful that he doesnt get his nose sunburned,
    I wonder if he is blind?
    Did you see any Kangaroos with babies in their pouches ?

    • Hi Candice! I am also curious about the Albino Kangaroo’s vision. He seemed to get around just fine, but we all had food and his nose was leading the way! So far on my Aussie travels I have seen ONE kangaroo pouch with a baby — it was in the Red Center and I can’t wait to share photos. Such a cute sight. Thanks for reading!!

  2. hi erica,
    looks like you are having the best time. i am really enjoying your photos. the roos are the cutest.
    tell me, were you able to hold a koala, or is there a moratorium on that. i’d heard that aussies discourage this because of the depletion of the koala population.
    anyway, keep the info coming. you look terrific!!

    • Hi Andrea! So good to hear from you! We were not allowed to hold the koalas but could pet their backs while posing for photos as the zoo attendants supervised. We were told not to touch the nearby Eucalyptus leaves because they are quite picky and would smell our scent. Most of the koalas were quite sedate but I saw a few in other parts if Australia that moved around. I hope all is well at Y&R!! I think of you all often!!

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