Hiking at Griffith Park Observatory

The Griffith Park Observatory hike holds the distinction of being my first ever Los Angeles hike, and for that reason it will always be one of my favorites. (It also gets major points for easy accessibility and stunning views of the city.) Every time I go back, I remember that clear September day and the well of optimism that can only be found in the heart of a newly minted Angelino.

I did this hike with my friends Mike and Amy this morning. Unfortunately I brought my dinky little point-and-shoot camera, but last Easter (2010) I photographed the hike with my DSLR.






Rebel Without a Cause was shot here in 1955. The first time I saw that movie was at a Hollywood Forever cemetery screening a few years ago and when the Observatory came on screen I looked up to my left and saw the real deal staring back at me. It was one of those “only in Hollywood” moments.



We stopped at The Trails for breakfast, which is at the base of the hike on Fern Dell near where we parked. This place is insanely cute. It was my first time there and I nabbed a currant scone; it was a good decision.







These are homemade frosted animal crackers. Are you kidding me??!!


Moral of the story: if you should ever find yourself in Griffith Park, I highly recommend a hiking hiatus at The Trails.

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